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An eye to the future with Clacher & Hook Optometrists

It may be somewhat surprising that Clacher & Hook Optometrists have been part of the Wynnum community for 62 years. Established in 1952 by Tom Clacher, and based above their current location on Bay Terrace, where they have been servicing the optical needs of the local community.

Mac Hook, Tom’s son-in-law, began working with Tom in 1975, and in 1994, Mac together with his wife Wendy, bought and moved the family business ‘downstairs’ to the current street frontage.

Clacher and Hook have kept alive the family connection with Mac’s daughter, Sally, working as a therapeutically endorsed optometrist.

As well as performing regular eye examinations, Sally is qualified to prescribe eye drops for treatment of certain eye conditions. This says Mac “is more convenient for the patient, is more efficient for the health system and enables earlier treatment of eye disease.”

This liaison with other medical practitioners has been one of the most important facets of the profession Mac has seen in the last forty years. Technology has allowed him and his team to work more closely and quickly with eye specialists and general practitioners.

As Mac points out “it allows us to detect eye disease and pathology earlier, and to refer clients for treatment. We are able to communicate and send digital information and images directly as required.”

Mac has seen dramatic changes over the decades, with improvements in equipment and has ensured his investment in the latest technology. He explains that one of his newest instruments “allows him to scan below the surface of the retina and to detect changes not able to be seen with the usual instruments and photography.”

It’s not all about peering into eyes, with his wife Wendy and their staff keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends for both traditional eyewear and sunglasses. Mac says that colour is the latest vogue.

Wendy and her staff are keen to provide honest advice on the frames that are needed to suit individual tastes and specific lens prescriptions. They haven’t as yet seen the demand for Google Glass!

Mac and his family live in the Wynnum area, with their children having attended local schools. He loves the small community and personal interaction that he can have with his patients, and will often recognise some of them featured in the Wynnum Herald. The grandchildren of some of his early patients are now receiving his personal optometrical care.

In the limited time away from the practice, Mac enjoys family life and keeping fit, making full use of the wonderful Moreton Bay foreshore with regular exercise sessions.

Mac sees Wynnum’s CBD area needing to attract more general retailers to provide a broad range of services for the community that will further add to the appeal of living by the Bay.

One thing is for sure, Mac and his family-based business literally have an experienced eye on the future eyecare for the Wynnum and wider community.

Clacher & Hook are members of WynnumCentral.

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