Free Wi-Fi now operating in Wynnum Central

But slow - or no - connection

Brisbane City Council switched on their free wi-fi service in Wynnum Central earlier this year. If you stroll down Edith Street you might see signs like the one pictured on a Council bin alerting you to the new service.

Free wi-fi has been a long time coming to Wynnum – a delegation from the chamber of commerce and WynnumCentral first proposed the idea to Council back in 2014, with a view to jointly financing this. This was at a time when WynnumCentral was trialing a free wi-fi system which also gave usefulfeedback on roughly how many people were coming along on market days.

The installation of wi-fi became a policy proposal of the LNP candidate who ran against Cr Peter Cumming at the last council election. As Cr Cumming got back in, the topic of free wi-fi was off the agenda, until it came back on again mid last year.

wynnum wifi errorAt time of writing a quick test of the free wi-fi in Wynnum Central was not allowing us to connect, and we have asked Brisbane City Council to get back to us on what the problem might have been and what connection speed we should normally expect.

In the four years since the initial discussion, technology has moved on, with most people now carrying a 4G device around with them which in our test (on an iPhone 8) was delivering a healthy 30.88Mbps connection through the phone. Although there is a cost to this, most phone plans include a reasonable daya allowance.

Have you used the Brisbane City Council free wi-fi in Wynnum Central? If so, let us know your experiences in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

You can see all the Brisbane City Council free wi-fi zones on this page

A call to the Brisbane City Council wi-fi hotline indicated that there may be a problem with the Wynnum install – we’ll let you know if we hear anything. The free wi-fi is subject to a limit of 250Mb download per device per day. If too many devices are trying to connect at once, some users my be disconnected.

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