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  1. Linda Murray
    Please consider IGA, as another supermarket, next door, will send it broke. We don’t need more empty shops and an empty car park. It would be so much nicer to have a least a bit more park space something Wynnum sadly lacks.
  2. Cherie Crane
    This is not a park, it is a large footpath, lets not play with words, call a spade a spade. A park is paramount to the development of this public space and so is the retention of the trees on the site. As we become a denser more urban suburb we are going to long for a chance to sit under a tree, catch our breath, have a yarn or do all those other normal friendly things a community does so well. This site must retain a community space which is outdoors as well as indoors and I find it incomprehensible that council would think we should accept this mere footpath and then add another large supermarket to the mix. At the present moment the site is fenced and unfriendly, with imagination and community using space it can be a meeting place for us to get to know each other. By the way, thanks for your great work thus far in bringing this to our attention.
  3. Che
    We do not need another supermarket. How ridiculous! Woolworths should be ashamed at making IGA go broke and potentially Wynnum Central Coles too. Stupid. Absolutely ridiculous!
    • dean
      We don’t need a other woolies in wynnum we have one at wynnum west iga and coles in wynnum is more than wha we need we a movie cinemas in that space good area to put them and library in old school people would love waking through the place and have a cafe in there aswell
  4. Sahrah
    The strip of land is definately not a park. With parts of Wynnum Central now looking at buildings 8 storeys high (as proposed for the building opposite the old school, where Caprice Dance School is now)- the area will soon be hemmed in by tall buildings, crowding the grandeur of the old school building. Isn’t it better to offer the community some green space; a reason to draw your eyes away from the esplanade briefly; to enjoy cafes, restaurants, garden areas (I do like the idea of having something like the Southbank restaurants spilling into the gardens). Lots of people visiting the area would then start their encounter at Wynnum Central to enjoy an area like this, visit the retail stores and then meander down to the seaDon;t you just love how the Neighbourhood Plan uses terms like ‘must’ – clearly this doesn’t hold much weight when the chips are down (and development comes knocking).This is a unique opportunity for our suburb’s identity, point of difference, rather than another block of bricks and a Woolworth’s for Pete’s sake???

  5. Tanya
    Green space is obviously important to much of the community, I really wish council didn’t just go through the motions with community consultation and really listened instead!
  6. phil saunders
    The council could be leading the way with the development of this site, but alas, they have shown once again the total lack of commitment they have when it comes to helping revitalize Wynnum (new library, great, no problem there), but this site allows for an eight story development, high density, which is the only thing that will get Wynnum back on track and viable for businesses again, yet they opt for two stories, what a waste of real estate.
  7. Janet
    Loving the Southbank idea of cafes/shops opening to green space. Definitely don’t need Woolworths – IGA is a great supermarket and needs community support, not more competition. How about a cinema where Woolworths is proposed?
  8. Adam Hunter
    Agree that a lack of cinema is a wasted opportunity, given so many in the community support it. Council should look at a 3rd floor (plus additional underground parking) to encourage a Cinema operator into town.
    Further agree that a 15m strip of green space does not equal usable parkland.
    I don’t agree that Woolworths would kill off the existing Coles and IGA. There is plenty of data to show that Coles shoppers are always Coles shoppers, likewise for Woolies shoppers and IGA customers. There would therefore be plenty of Woolworths shoppers in Wynnum and Manly who travel to Wynnum West and they would end up being the bulk of customers for a Woolies in Wynnum Central. This is therefore bringing customers into Wynnum Central who may not normally come to Wynnum Central for any of their shopping needs – great news for Wynnum Central retailers. I know plenty of people who walk/ride/drive straight past the Wynnum Central Coles to go to IGA & I would expect they will continue to do that even if there is a flash new Woolies on the way.
    If the Woolies does go ahead – IGA and Coles just need to lift their game.
  9. Betty Brown
    Totally agree with Phil Saunders, lost opportunity, lack of vision, waste of space and the development goes entirely against the ‘Wynnum Neighborhood Plan ‘ concept of intensified residential zoned for this site.
  10. Darryl Bell
    Why a developer!!! the council should be leading the way with this development and, the proposal is a waste of space and opportunity. Suits the developer maybe? Now that the council has brought the existing library ‘site’ into the equation ( I assume to be sold) why not use the money realized to build a Cultural Centre and Performing Arts Centre (similar to Cleveland with large auditorium for live shows, concerts and special events). A new Library can be incorporated into 1 level of the School Building along with meeting rooms etc on top floor. the ground floor area facing Florence St. could be utilized for Coffee shops, galleries ,restaurants etc.
  11. Liz Agnew
    I am also astounded that the council has the audacity to introduce a Woolworths to this site. Woolworths and Coles already monopolise 80% of our packaged grocery industry and poor IGA only about 6%. Coles is only across the road from the proposed library. We do not have the population to support 3 supermarkets. Keep the space green because I am getting a hint of future high rise sin this plan!
  12. Daniele
    Cultural outlet would seem more needed than more food especially since Woolworth is just up the road and we already have IGA and Coles . A larger better library ok but why the opening hours have been reduced then ? ??Something does not add up between what is NEEDED and who ever is looking into development for Wynnum wasn’t the space to be dedicated to something different than a supermarket ? Don’t we have our say?
  13. Ratepayer/Parent/Citizen
    CINEMA; CINEMA; CINEMA!!!!! WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE LISTENING? Look at Balmoral and Vic Pt – can’t get a park at either place. Do the sums. We have 2 Coles, 2 Woollies and several IGA’s.
    • Ratepayer/Parent/Citizen
      CINEMA; CINEMA; CINEMA!!!!! WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE NOT LISTENING? Look at Balmoral and Vic Pt – can’t get a park at either place. Do the sums. We have 2 Coles, 2 Woollies and several IGA’s.
  14. Daniel Cheverton
    This is a huge missed opportunity. A new supermarket without new people will just take business away from Coles and the IGA. In all likelihood it will kill the IGA and we will be left with Coles and Woolies. Why not eight stories? Why not a cinema? And why not preserve our parkland? This site could be used as a catalyst for the redevelopment of Wynnum Central, but Council has taken the lazy, short term option.
  15. Sue Behan
    No park/public space, no apartments, no cinema but another unnecessary retail outlet.. this is an unbelievably poor outcome from how many years of so-called public consultation?
    At least ensure that the Public Library on the second floor has lift access for our elderly and disabled and our parents with prams – the main users of our present library.
  16. Kathy Pope
    I agree with Sue Behan’s comment. Very poor outcome. Can we trust a council that makes such foolish decisions? What is happening with the old building? More poor decisions? Maybe we could sqeeze Aldi in there!
  17. phil saunders
    Again with the Cinema. As I have said before for a Cinema to be commercially viable you need a bigger catchment, there are 4 other Cinema complexes too close to make building one here viable, it is unfortunately a commercial reality.
    The real story here is that the Council is wasting a prime development site by under utilizing it, if we are ever to get the much desired Cinema we need high density accommodation, not a tacky two story cop out sold to us as a miracle way to get a new library at no cost to the ratepayer.
    Look to your own ‘Wynnum Neighborhood Plan ‘ Mr Mayor, new library great, but let’s focus on the big picture and this announcement does not tick any of the boxes.
  18. Matthew Playford
    It is without question a sellout of the local community to the powerful might of Woolworths by the Council! This will cost jobs, close down current shops and result in Wynnum going backwards. What we need is new jobs bringing growth to the area for employment. Not hiring a person today and then, the following day, another is told the business is closing down. The Council could have used the school as a Council building for departments currently based in Central Brisbane. This would bring growth in employment and an increase in sales for those local shops in the area currently doing it tough.


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