Queensland Election: Our poll results

Plus UAP candidate gets back to us; Happy Halloween!

Today is Election Day – the polls are open until 6pm. It’s also Halloween, although the Manly Halloween Parade is not going ahead and neither is the Trick or Treat in Wynnum as far as we’re aware. It’s ironic in a way as this would have been one of the few years when the parade would have actually been held on Halloween, and this year – ironically – it’s a corker, with a full moon and a ‘blue moon’ (which is where it is a second full moon in the same month – a rare occurrence hence the popular saying).

blue moon

So don’t be surprised if you see a few ghouls and zombies lining up to vote.

Firstly, thank you to the 65 people who participated in our election poll. It’s a small sample and so therefore should be taken with a grain of salt, however our very small sample pools have been pretty accurate on more than one occasion!

Here are the results (in case you can’t see the image above)…

  • Informed Medical Options Party – 6.2%
  • LNP – 23.1%
  • UAP – 4.6%
  • ALP – 40%
  • One Nation – 6.2%
  • The Greens – 10.8%
  • Undecided – 9.2%

According to the WynnumCentral poll Labor’s Joan Pease has a convincing lead, and even where you factor in preferences and ‘undecided’ (by giving all Greens votes to the ALP and all other votes to LNP, including undecided), ALP has 50.8% of the vote.

Nine people (14%) have changed their vote since last time, primarily voters who voted for the main parties last year transferring their allegiance to the smaller parties (eg LNP to One Nation and vote ‘swapping’ between the Greens and ALP – in fact mainly to the ALP).

This is unlikely to have much of an impact in the Lytton electorate, but makes it very hard to determine who will be in government in Queensland – there is every possibility of a hung parliament where the minor parties will have a big say in who forms government.

In terms of who took part in the poll, all except 3.1% live inside the electorate; more men than women took part (60%/40%); 21.5% were 45 or under, and 78.4% were older than 45, with the smallest segment being under 25 (1.5%) and the largest 66-75 (27.7%); only 15.4% planned to vote on Election Day (with all the rest either voting at pre-poll or via postal vote).

We also received answers to our questions to the UAP candidate, Jonathan Spaits, which we have updated on this page.

We include comments poll participants shared with us below…

  1. [Joan Pease is the] Best local member since Tom Burns.
  2. Have been worse off under the Labor Government, where has the
    $100 Billion been spent that the Qld Gov is in debt?? Why can’t they tell us?
    Turn your back on Labor.
  3. I am a person who works in the cruise industry, none of the candidates have given any positives
    With the money that cruise brings in, the jobs that cruise brings in and the enjoyment of a cruise ships, none of the candidates give us a positive. Now a thought, if you take a flight the Government feel it is COVID OK – even though you are sitting on top of each other. If you are staying in a resort that is COVID OK even though you are walking around mixing with others and sometimes walking out of the resort being in contact with people unknown. It is time we had common sense and not blame everything on the cruise ships. Need I mention schools, shopping centres, retirement homes or even the Wynnum Foreshore on the weekend.
  4. I have always been a Labor voter. But can’t at this election. Lack of meaningful action on domestic violence, black lives matter, climate change and social housing is scandalous for a Labor government. Greens better reflect my values now. Shame really as Joan is a marvellous MP. Her party has let her down.
  5. In this country we vote by SECRET BALLOT, which is why I have not answered your questions as to who I voted for this or last time, and I never will!
  6. Joan does a good job in our electorate.
  7. Joan gets off her bum and talks to the people.
  8. Joan has done a lot for our community – Gundu Pa, transforming the old Wynnum Hospital site for WINNAM and the small business and sports clubs grants. She will be an effective member regardless of who wins government and deserves to keep her seat.
  9. Locals should remember that the cost of being in a safe Labor electorate is that you are taken for granted by the Labor elite in George St and therefore you get nothing in terms of significant works, grants, or services. Tactical voting to ensure we can never be taken for granted is essential.
  10. So long as Labor don’t get in …I’ll be happy

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