The Wynnum Crane Index

Stands at 6 (updated 1 SEP)

Well if the number of large cranes in the air in Wynnum is anything to go by, there’s a lot of new development underway! There are currently three cranes up on different sites around the central Wynnum area. These are…

  1. Corner of Tingal Road and Glenora Street where a new National Storage outlet is being built (see image below)
  2. Ronald Street – at 50 Ronald Street where a 5 storey residential building is going up
  3. Chestnut Street – there are in fact two developments underway quite close to each other – the larger one is on the corner of Tingal Road and Chestnut Street where another 5 storey building is going up. The crane is in fact on the smaller site a little further down Chestnut Street
Artist’s impression

We haven’t quite been able to find a spot in Wynnum where you can see all three cranes at once – if you have, feel free to take a photo and send it in to us! It might have to be one of those panoramic ones…




The other two cranes…


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