We’re 10 years old this year!

…and can you believe we just missed our 10th birthday.

If you count our ‘birthday’ as the day we published our first article on this site, we’ve well and truly missed it. It was on 20th January 2013. Here’s that article again, in case you didn’t catch it ten years ago…

Wynnum is about to come to life

Whether it did or not, we’ll let you be the judge!

In the interim WynnumCentral has published 1,109 articles about all sorts of things that have been going on in and around Wynnum. Here are the three most popular articles by page views…

  1. The Republic of Wynnum welcomes its 4th President (28 July 2020) – 12,460 views
  2. Cinema update (9 May 2020) – 12,084 views
  3. Wynnum gets a new – Italian – ice cream shop (7 April 2018) – 7,915 views

Our first article only got 833 views!

We’ll be working out how to celebrate our birthday this year – let us know if you have any suggestions!


Main photo: Cup of Couple from Pexels

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