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This is what you told us you wanted to see on the big screen

And to be honest it was a bit of a surprise to us! If you completed the survey, you’ll remember we asked you first to name all of the nominated films you’d like to see, and then we asked you which one would you like to see.

The first question threw up the following favourites…

=1 Casablanca
=1 The Shawshank Redemption
2 Star Wars
=3 Bladerunner
=3 Red Dog

And then when we asked which ONE film would you like to see on the big screen, the winners were…

1 Casablanca
=2 Dr Zhivago
=2 Lord of the Rings
=2 Star Wars
=3 Lawrence of Arabia
=3 Red Dog
=3 Superman

So… we have made some enquiries at Majestic Cinemas and Star Wars is simply not available, however the others are and we’re just waiting to hear how this might work and what the ticket costs might be.

Even though neither of them are your editor’s era, we’re sure the 1962 epic Lawrence of Arabia would look spectacular on the big screen. In the office the jury’s still out on Casablanca!


Main image credit: https://voicesfilm.com/peter-otoole-1932-2013-in-memoriam/

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  1. The ‘joke’ has been going since the mid 60’s….not ANOTHER BEAUTY SALON ?/HAIRDRESSER?…WHY?

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