No big surprises in Big Wynnum Survey

If you took part in our recent ‘Big Wynnum Survey’… thank you!

We had 144 responses, which represents just over 1% of the local population in Wynnum (12,229 apparently), so although small the sample is representative.

As we said we would, we’re happy to share the responses, including the many comments we received, all of which are summarised in the 63 page report you can download by clicking on the image below…

survey image

There were no major surprises in the findings, although it was good to see that more people are coming into Wynnum more often than they used to.

The feedback on the Twilight Market was interesting, and you can read more about this in our other article.

We also thought we’d address the same question that we asked a few years ago, namely what other types of shops would you like to see in Wynnum. From the original survey we’re still missing a sushi outlet and – of course – a cinema. Sushi only got five mentions this time, beaten out by requests for more clothes shops and more bookshops. More, and more varied, places to eat were also popular requests.

In terms of weekend opening, over a quarter of respondents either didn’t come into Wynnum Central at all at the weekend or shop elsewhere most of the time. 41% shop elsewhere if they need anything in the afternoon, with only 5.6% making sure they did all their weekend shopping on a Saturday before noon. 68.1% of those asked said they would shop in Wynnum more if more shops were open until 5pm (we’re surprised it was that low!). 72.2% supported shops closing on a Monday if they were open longer hours at the weekend.

The answers to questions 17 and 18 are required reading for any candidates in the upcoming council election next month – there are some great ideas here and even if we could only get a few of them happening it would be great!

I’m sure we’ll hear your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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