No Twilight Markets in 2016

It’s official – the WynnumCentral Twilight Markets will not resume in 2016. Instead this year WynnumCentral will be looking to hold different types of events in Wynnum.

twilight market stallThe Twilight Markets did well for a period, but the high cost of closing off the street made the event expensive to run, plus competition from other new markets opening up in the general area and a run of bad luck with the weather at the end of last year prompted the decision. Also feedback from the Big Wynnum Survey indicated it was time to make a change to the format.

As soon as we have a new event series in place we’ll let you know, and we’ll be taking into account some of the suggestions from the recent survey. Watch this space!

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  1. I have a couple of suggestions – take them or leave them:

    1. Some free afternoon music in the parks down by the esplanade would be nice. Support local and upcoming artists. A nice chilled out Sunday Session type thing would be awesome.

    2. Some kind of fun activities for kids – there are blow up obstacle courses which would work well in the parks. Even if there is a small entry fee, I’m sure they’d be a hit.

    3. Busking festival or the like – they’d have to be high quality for people to enjoy. Maybe it could be by application. One busker per week on a Saturday down Edith street either playing music or creating some kind of art.

  2. Are you serious? The high cost of closing off the street? The street is totally dead by 1pm. could come down with a machine gun and not hit anyone. The new developments will be good hopefully, but I can’t believe Bay Terrace/Edith St/Florence St just close down so early. Grow up Wynnum. Am going home to good food civilisation and where I can go and take my friends for coffee and food after 3pm and later in the afternoon and even stay until I may want light dinner. This concept is so foreign to this area Frenchies is open………but all alone. Wendys Nails is open but again all alone. And then it is super markets open…………boring Wynnum. You seriously need a spread of retailers in your area. Look at what you have? Every Bank excitement plus? How many Charity Shops? How many Real Estate Agents? And a Squillion super expensive hairdressers. And now how many Mortgage Brokers and Lawyers? The mix is totally wrong. Please convince me why I should come to Wynnum Central. I only live a few minutes away.

  3. With respect to the suggestion of free local music. There is already quite a good blueprint to consider. On the Sunshine Coast there is a very successful monthly “Peregian locals” music event which is very well attended. Perhaps the large wynnum esplanade park with stage and loos might be the spot or the park at wynnum creek. My husband says you could call it “wynnum unplugged” I know it is not in the cbd, but it could liven up wynnum and attract non locals to the area and no streets to close off.

  4. Please tell me what expense is involved in stopping cars from driving down a street? A few barriers and it’s done surely. However that is not the problem. One respondent suggested that the mix of retailers is all wrong and I agree totally. Look at West End’s and Bulimba’s Eat streets and there you should find what attracts people to the area. A cinema, fashion shops and plenty of choices of food. Bring that into boring old Wynnum and you will have a winner.

  5. Hi everyone. To explain re the cost of closing the street – every time you want to close a public street to traffic you must apply to BCC + pay a small fee. However the major cost is in the fact that you must use an approved traffic control company and this costs $1,000-$1,500 for each event. You are also obliged to provide toilet facilities and medical support and must notify all residents within 1km of the road closure via a leaflet drop. Plus you must have $20M public liability insurance cover for the event. These are the costs we refer to.

    The Twilight Markets were designed to bring people into Wynnum on a Saturday afternoon once a month and encourage retailers to stay open longer to benefit from the increased foot traffic. We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that worked or not.

  6. I really don’t think the Twilight Markets did bring more people into Wynnum Central. Which is sad.
    You know, there is no open space in or close to Wynnum Central and you don’t want to consider the foreshore.
    Maybe it is time to reconsider turning Edith Street, between Bay Tce and Tingal Road into a MALL. Just think about it and visualize it, i.e. Shady trees planted down the center of it, tables & chairs, Organic sculptures that kids can play on safely and sit on, small stalls selling fresh fruit & veg, flowers, food, crafts & art etc.
    Basically the Mall would be a Market Place every day. Stall Holders can nominate a day in which they would like to sell their wares in the market place, so it is always busy.
    People will come and SIT in the SHADE of the TREES in the MALL and will stay awhile drinking coffee, tea, fresh juice and having a bit to eat from the local shops.
    HANG COLOURFUL BANNERS, so the place feels inviting, friendly and a nice place to visit.
    Make sure the TREES are lit with FAIRY LIGHTS at NIGHT to discourage vandals.
    And don’t forget the PUBLIC TOILETS that could be within the MALL also.
    P.S Parking is available behind the shops in Edith Street in Clara Street, under IGA and when Woolies opens there will be parking there. How about encouraging people to ride push bikes to the Mall.
    I can visualise it now, drinking coffee and just enjoying the atmosphere. 🙂

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