Road safety upgrade for Bay Terrace

In his recent newsletter Federal MP for Bonner Ross Vasta has announced a number of road safety improvements for the local area, including an upgrade to the junction of Bay Terrace and Bride Street…

ross vasta“The Coalition Government is also delivering another $87,000 for an intersection upgrade of Bay Terrace and Bride Street in Wynnum. This upgrade will include installation of additional priority signs on median islands.”

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  1. All of Bay Terrace needs some work with better signage. I’ve only lived in the area for a year and half and have seen so many people run stop and give way signs that cross Bay Terrace. I’ve almost been hit a couple of times by people not stopping. I don’t believe it’s their bad driving, just that they don’t realise you need to give way to Bay Terrace drivers. I don’t drive Bay Terrace any longer as I’m too scared of getting hit. Please help

    1. Many intersections need reviewing in the central Wynnum area. Bay Terrace and Edith Street is certainly getting too dangerous for pedestrians, especially on the 2 crossings. There is so much traffic now and in some intersections you cannot see on coming traffic when turning into other streets e.g. Bay and Berrima streets. This is a huge risk to pedestrians as well as drivers and passengers. You also get the many drivers that totally ignore Stop signs or use streets as a race track. We need more Roundabouts, speed bumps, signage and lighting (in some areas). Akonna Street is another street that has numerous accidents with all its intersections. I agree with Claire (above)…help is needed please!

  2. i would like to make a suggestion that is not related to Bay Tce but to pedestrians being hit…..people trying to cross Mountjoy Tce on Wynnum side or trying to cross Gordon Pde to catch trains are also at risk of being hit. My daughter was knocked down trying to cross Gordon Pde. A refuge area on Mountjoy Tce somewhere between Wolsey and Gordon Pde would be very welcomed. It would help people crossing the road and would not hold up traffic!

  3. Drivers and Pedestrians need to start taking responsibility for the actions. Everyday I see pedestrians that do not look before stepping onto a crossing and then wonder why there are cars squealing to a stop. When i went to school we were taught to STOP at the Kerb, LOOK Left and right and then if no cars are coming you can cross the road. Just because there is some paint on the road does not mean you have to stop looking before stepping on to it. Yes a driver must give way to a pedestrian on a Pedestrian crossing, does not mean they can stop there car in time every time you put your foot on a crossing without looking to see if its safe. I have been told by council many times when petitioning for crossing that by putting a crossing where i was petitioning for would be more dangerous for pedestrians because they would stop looking and just walk onto the crossing. More chance of being hit by a car. At least if the crossing is not there it is more chance the pedestrian will stop and look first.
    I think the intersection upgrades are a waste of money, It will not change drivers and pedestrians attitudes. Drivers and pedestrians have take more care and respect each other. The more sign-age there is and more islands and barriers takes the drivers attention away from what they should be doing. A Painted line on the road at the intersection should be sufficient. Continuous line means Stop, a broken line means give way. When approaching an intersection which are very clear to see ahead of you the driver should be looking for simple signs, not a barrage of concrete and metal everywhere. We need to stop blaming others and expecting miracles and someone else to fix things to compensate for our own laziness and start to take responsibility for our own actions

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