The ladies at Got-A-Go say there isn’t anywhere when you need to

If you are a regular shopper in Wynnum you might already be aware of this slightly embarassing problem. There aren’t any public toilet facilities at the west (Tingal Road) end of Edith Street. The only facilities are the public toilets in the Civic Centre near the library, which are sometimes closed, and the facilities in the IGA shopping centre at the far east end of Edith.

Many shops have toilets at the back of their shop that they share with other businesses, but these are not always suitable for use by shoppers.

Popsie and Sue at Got-A-Go boutique at the west end of Edith Street say that it’s far from an ideal situation for their customers.

At WynnumCentral we honestly don’t know how serious a problem this is. We did have a quick poll of Wynnum traders on this issue recently and the result was inconclusive – half thought it was an issue and half not.

What do you think? Let us know below. Should we do something?

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  1. Why hasn’t our local Councillor done something about this? Is it because the ALP have left U out of Labour?

  2. Many years ago there was one at the back of Not Just Bread (in the carpark there), does that one no longer exist? I remember using that occasionally when I was a child.

  3. As a small business owner at the end of Edith St Tingal Rd, the lack of public toilets is a massive issue facing our business. We quite often have to direct customers to the toilets near the library, much to their unhappiness. We need public toilets immediately.

  4. Hello!!! If its not a convenient place to shop people won’t shop there, hence the current lacklustre state of trade!!!!!
    Of course there needs to be public ammenities!!!!!!! That questions should not even be asked, something should have been done about it years ago!

  5. Hi there,
    If local retailers say there is an issue with toilets then there is!! I have trouble as a shopper, in Wynnum central too, I head to the IGA building and if it’s too far? I cut my shopping short and go home.


  6. If I am planning an out and about day at Wynnum I start and finish at the Loo’s at IGA. I don’t mind this however if you have young kids or are not able to walk in a hurry it is a MASSIVE ISSUE. I once went into the state members office (when it was Paul) and asked if there were toilets handy (had not been to Wynnum for a while) and they said oh not really sure…maybe the IGA. How are we supposed to have a thriving village if people who work for our elected member do not even know where a loo is. Imagine if I was a visitor. Massive issue that needs addressing.

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