WynnumCentral interviews the candidates: Joan Pease (ALP)

This is the third of our interviews with candidates for the seat of Lytton (here’s the electorate map). Our focus is very much on what the candidates would do if elected to help the Wynnum central shopping area. As things stand there are approximately 25 empty shop units, of which 12 are in Edith Street.

Given that this is a quickfire election, the major parties are yet to announce many of their major policies, so this is a snapshot of what each candidate has to say at this point.

It has been suggested (by one of the candidates) that WynnumCentral hold a candidates debate closer to election day – if we do this we’ll let you know!

We asked each candidate two questions:

1. What would you do if elected to help revitalise the Wynnum Central shopping area?
2. The UK has a minister for high streets. What do you think of this idea?

Joan Pease

Our third interviewee was Joan Pease, ALP candidate for Lytton.

Q: What would you do if elected to help revitalise the Wynnum Central shopping area?

A: Joan Pease said that she was concerned that there had been so many job losses and job cuts in the central Wynnum area with the loss of government offices such as child safety, housing and corrective services (although she added that this office was now open again), as well as a tenancy advice service and others, resulting in the loss of around 40 people employed in Wynnum offices.

She pointed out that these employees may or may not have been local residents, but they would have used local shops. She also stated that a large number of public service personnel who have lost their jobs live in the local area and so they no longer have income to spend in Wynnum central.

She explained that people need to be confident to spend money and that Wynnum people are loyal and will support local businesses but if they have lost their jobs, then they can’t.

She stated that she is very supportive of appropriate development, in fact was a member of a group that reviewed the city plan with Brisbane City Council 10-15 years ago. She concedes that high density residential accommodation is important but must be appropriate and only introduced in consultation with the local community. She also expressed concern about the redevelopment of Wynnum Central School and pointed out that the lack of parkland was in breach of bylaws.

She expressed interest in talking to anyone with ideas that could help in the revitalisation of the Wynnum central shopping area.

Q: The UK has a minister for high streets. What do you think of this idea?

A: Joan Pease explained that the ALP is looking to reduce the number of ministerial positions (so we presume she would not support this idea), although expressed her opinion that people are returning to conventional ‘high street’ shopping locations and that business development projects may help encourage this trend.

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One Comment

  1. Hi Joan i have voted labour for 28 years but thanks to Lucas and Bligh this has now changed and so far your not doing much to win back the loyal hard working people of Wynnum. In your answer to question one you blamed everything from job losses and buisness clousures in wynnum and the greater brisbane community but YOU DIDN’T ANSWER THE QUESTION just in case you forgot the question What would you do if elected to help revitalise the Wynnum Central shopping area?
    Last election Paul Lucas took the Lynton area for granted enough to let a LNP no hoper like Neil Symes get in it seems to me you are doing the same i urge all residents of the Lynton district to stop copping this and send a statment to these polies and get someone in there who wants to represent us and will listen.
    You may have seen the question as a non issue but your answer has now and forever more lost mine and my familes vote.
    Cheers Brad
    p:s Center Link is on Tingal rd hopfully you and Neil can lob up there together on Monday

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